Desination wedding photography - off to Amsterdam for a botanical garden wedding.

In October I hauled my camera bag down to Gatwick Airport and jetted off to Amsterdam for a destination wedding in Amsterdam. A pleasant change from the bustle of London, Amsterdam's Hortus Botanicus provided the stunning scenery and blue skies in one of the world's most beautiful cities.  

Unlike my usual London wedding photography gigs, this one involved a party the night before. In the grand offices of bride Amanda's workplace, I snapped away as guests arriving from all over the world (the groom is English, the bride American and French) partied the night away. It was a great way to start a wedding weekend - new friendships had been made before the big day itself, creating a great atmosphere at the main event the next day...

Amanda and her two sisters and bridesmaids Louisa and Sabrina got their hair and make up done in the aptly named Wild Romance. From there we headed to the beautiful venue at Amsterdam's botanical gardens, Hortus Botanicus. A greenhouse with a tree provided one of the more stunning and unusual venues I've shot a wedding in. Fine food, drunk dancing and a photographer who joined some friends for a late late night in Amsterdam meant for a highly enjoyable day if slightly fuzzy return to London!



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