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Hello there

I'm a photographer based by the seaside in Whitstable, Kent. I love to tell stories with my camera, mooching around, documenting everything in sight. Which, funnily enough, is really handy as I'm a documentary wedding photographer! If you want someone with slightly different and alternative look to the regular wedding photographer, then we should work together...

As of summer 2017, my family (Francesca, Leo, Romy and Pixie the cat) packed up our South East London home and left the big smoke for a house just down the road from the beach in Whitstable. Whilst I'm based in Kent, I still like to photograph everywhere - Whitstable, Kent, London, The North (I'm from there, I'll try not to bang on about it too much), The South West, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Amsterdam (two recent destination jobs I've done) all of Europe, small islands, big continents, the World, beyond... well probably not beyond. Basically anywhere. Let me know where you're getting hitched and I'll jump in the car, train or plane and get cracking. 

I've been a wedding photography professional since the beginning of 2015, but my expertise in photography goes way beyond that. I started photographing bands in my teenage years in Manchester in the late 1990s, at places such as The Roadhouse (RIP) and the Night & Day Cafe. This led me to up sticks to study photography full time at Brighton University at the turn of the century. My path eventually led me into the world of fashion, where I became a picture editor at Conde Nast for 8 years, working on titles such as Vogue, GQ, Glamour, House & Garden and many others. My love of reportage led me to photographing for all of these titles, whether glamorous parties for Vogue, backstage at fashion shows, actors and musicians for GQ, stately homes for House & Garden or grand events for Wired. After a few years of photographing friends weddings, I decided late 2014 to take the plunge and turn professional, and it immediately became the best job I've ever had.

What am I like? I'm laid back, talkative, keen to get to know people and love to tell their story. I love reading, eating, cosy pubs, good parties, Tuscany, Tokyo, Croatia, Scotland, Wales and New York. Most of all I'm a total geek when it comes to music, I've got a serious record buying addiction that has been with me since my teens, and I need more space for vinyl... I love a good indie disco, 90s hiphop, Latin Rhumba, Jamaican Dancehall, modern classical, gypsy jazz, classic thrash metal, pounding disco... you get the idea. At my own wedding in 2015, I made this playlist to help the DJ get us going, feel free to have a listen! 

So, fancy a chat about photography? Give me a shout on the form below. We can meet up for a coffee or a wine (or if not chat on Skype/ Facetime) to talk about all things wedding photography and related, and what I can do for you.